1 - Collection of Personal Information

The term “Personal Information” in this Policy refer to personal information or personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information that we collect may include (it can vary depending on current law and regulations):

+ Company Name, Store, Business Entity, Address, Tax ID

+ Customer Nam, Email Address, Cellphone Number, Home Phone Number

We always notify customers about the purposes of collecting customers’ personal information on this website, and all personal information is voluntarily shared by customers.


2 - Use of Personal Information

Collected personal information is used for internal purposes. Fucoidan 3-Plus may share your personal information with third parties, such as our wholesalers, and other service providers to ensure the best customer service possible.

When necessary, we may use your personal information to contact you directly in the forms of: welcome letters, letters of appreciation, invoice, flyers about promotions and services,…

Fucoidan 3-Plus will make sure that our employees, wholesalers, consultants, or any aforementioned third parties who are involved in the collection and use of personal information are made aware and understand this Security Policy.


3 - Retention of Personal Information

We ensure that personal data provided by customers is retained only for the duration of services, in accordance with the above purposes, or when customers request to have their personal information deleted.


4 - Address of Business that Collects and Administers Personal Information

Japan Fucoidan Limited Company

Address: Room 1, Floor 4th, Vietcomreal Building, 68 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 028 3939 0123

Email: info@fucoidan3plus.com.vn


5 - Tools For Customers to Access and Edit Personal Information

Customers who wish to make changes to their personal information can contact our customer service via hotline number: 0901 - 576 - 479


6 - Commitment to Protection of Personal Information

Fucoidan 3-Plus will not share your personal information with any other parties except for its wholesalers and related services providers. In special circumstances, Fucoidan 3 Plus may be required to disclose some of your personal information, for example, when there is enough evidence that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to avoid threats of health and life, or to comply with the law and regulations upon the request of government agencies.

Fucoidan 3-Plus is committed to comply with Security Law and Other National Security Regulations.